NOTICE: Dominion Legal PLC founder, David M. Knasel, has joined and moved his law practice to Protorae Law PLC. Please click here to contact Mr. Knasel

Business & Corporate Law

Every business deserves outstanding legal advice – especially small businesses

This is the animating principle that drives Dominion’s Business and Corporate Law practice. In representing its business clients, Dominion seeks to serve as an outsourced general counsel and trusted advisor, helping the business navigate the legal rules that shape the business environment. The goal on any engagement is to forge a long-term relationship between attorney and the business. From start-up, through growth and maturity, and finally exit strategy, an experienced corporate lawyer can provide invaluable guidance to a business enterprise.

Tysons Corner Business Law Office

Dominion represents closely-held businesses in a wide variety of matters, including incorporation, buy-sell-agreements, employment, intellectual property, and collections.

Resources for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs: