Estate Planning Lawyer Ashburn VA

Introducing your estate planning lawyer in Ashburn, VA, David M. Knasel of Dominion Business Law.

Estate planning has many aspects, and many of those are inter-related. To maintain peace of mind for both the individual client and his or her family, it is imperative that proper, thorough estate planning is conducted and continually refreshed for accuracy.

To avoid potentially damaging mistakes, an experienced estate planning lawyer in Ashburn, VA, is essential. That’s where Dominion Legal PLC comes in to help.

Dominion Legal PLC offers solutions to myriad issues which confront individuals and families in Ashburn and beyond:

• probate & estate administration
• estate litigation & disputes
• special needs trusts
• elder law: guardianship & conservatorship
• estate planning: wills & revocable living trusts
• post-mortem estate planning
• estate & trust administration
• estate disputes & litigation
• advance medical directives

To ensure your estate is planned and administered in the manner you want, Dominion Legal PLC uses a basic three-step procedure: 1) Listen, 2) Understand, 3) Deliver.

First, we listen. Your estate’s details and your wishes will receive the personal attention of an experienced estate lawyer, not a junior associate, assistant or paralegal. You and your estate planning lawyer will directly discuss your case.

Then, we come to understand each other. Your estate planning lawyer in Ashburn, VA, will be dedicated to responsive service, returning e-mails and telephone calls promptly, meeting at the Dominion Legal PLC offices as necessitated. Work will be completed efficiently, in advance of all applicable deadlines.

Finally, we get the job done. By listening, and by gaining an understanding of your unique circumstances, Dominion Legal PLC delivers and executes cost-conscious solutions to your estate planning needs, personalized to your wishes and requirements.

That is how Dominion Legal PLC has built its reputation in Ashburn, VA, as an asset in problem-solving and goal-making for both families and businesses. The firm’s areas of expertise cover estate planning, elder law, probate avoidance and resolution, non-profit organizations, contract law, business and corporate law, succession planning and real estate law.

Dominion Legal PLC was founded by David M. Knasel. David earned his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Virginia, and has gained admission to the bars of Virginia, the District of Columbia, Maryland and Florida. Under David’s direction, Dominion Business Law specializes in a range of legal disciplines important to families, individuals and businesses.

In Ashburn and elsewhere in Northern Virginia, your estate and probate lawyer is David M. Knasel of Dominion Business Law. His firm serves individuals, families and businesses throughout Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia from its offices in Ashburn, in Loudoun County, and Tysons Corner, in Fairfax County.

Arrange for an in-office consultation with Dominion Legal PLC. Call 703-436-6500, send e-mail to or connect on Google+, LinkedIn or Facebook to meet your estate planning lawyer in Ashburn, VA, and the wider Washington, D.C., area.