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Will Contests, Estate Disputes & Litigation

Estate & Probate Lawyer

Dominion represents the heirs and beneficiaries of deceased persons, assisting them to enforce their rights. Often, an heir or beneficiary may have certain rights available, of which they may not be aware. Or, an heir or beneficiary may simply want to ensure that they are being treated fairly and that the legal procedures are being followed appropriately. Dominion counsels heirs and beneficiaries in Virginia (including Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun, and other cities and counties) and Maryland on such issues, including:

  • Contesting wills that were made under undue influence or are otherwise invalid;
  • Filing elections to preserve the rights of spouses and family members;
  • Ensuring that distributions are proper, fair, and timely; and
  • Removing personal representatives who are failing to perform their duties.

Have questions about whether a trust or estate is being handled properly or fairly?

An experienced trusts and estates attorney can discuss your concerns and make sure you are being fairly and legally.