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Lawyers in Ashburn VA

When looking for lawyers in Ashburn, VA, look no further than David M. Knasel of Dominion Legal PLC.

In Ashburn or anywhere, law is an exhaustive, detailed process. In order to successfully achieve your aims, you must follow the required process exactly, step by step, to the letter – and handle the legal obstacles as they invariably arise.

Whether a retiree is planning his estate or intellectual property is in need of protection, the best resource available among lawyers in Ashburn, VA, is Dominion Legal PLC.

To ensure that goals are met and pitfalls are dodged, Dominion Legal PLC uses a process of its own: 1) Listen, 2) Understand, 3) Deliver.

First, we listen. Your case will have the personal attention of an experienced, knowledgeable attorney, not a paralegal, assistant or junior associate. Together, you and your Ashburn lawyer will discuss your matter, in-depth and directly.

Then, we and you come to understand each other. Your lawyer will be committed to responsive service, returning e-mails and telephone calls promptly. Work will be completed efficiently, and agreed-upon timelines will be followed.

Ultimately, by listening to you, and understanding your particular circumstances, Dominion Legal PLC delivers cost-effective solutions, tailored to your unique needs, to resolve problems and help you attain your goals.

The firm’s areas of expertise include estate planning, elder law and probate avoidance and resolution. Among more specific legal concerns handled in Ashburn by Dominion Legal PLC:

• probate & estate administration
• estate litigation & disputes
• special needs trusts
• elder law: guardianship & conservatorship
• post-mortem estate planning
• non-profit organizations
• real estate law
• estate planning: wills & revocable living trusts
• estate & trust administration
• estate disputes & litigation
• advance medical directives

Dominion Legal PLC was founded here in Northern Virginia by David M. Knasel. David earned his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Virginia and has gained admission to the bars of Virginia, Maryland, Florida and the District of Columbia. Under David’s direction, Dominion Legal PLC specializes in a range of legal disciplines affecting businesses, families and individuals.

In Ashburn, VA, your lawyer is David M. Knasel of Dominion Business Law. He serves businesses and families throughout Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia from his offices in Ashburn, in Loudoun, and Tysons Corner, in Fairfax.

Request an in-office consultation with Dominion Business Law. Call 703-436-6500, e-mail or connect on Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ to retain the greatest professionalism among lawyers in Ashburn, VA.