Powers of Attorney & Advance Medical Directives

Northern Virginia Estate Planning Lawyer

As part of a comprehensive estate plan, Dominion prepares powers of attorney and advance medical directives for its clients.

A power of attorney will enable you to appoint someone you trust to act on your behalf in limited commercial or personal matters (depositing checks, paying bills, signing your tax returns, making gifts, etc.) or, if you choose, in almost all matters, should you become incompetent or unable to manage your affairs. These sorts of powers of attorney fall into two categories: “durable” (they become effective on signing) and “springing” (they become effective upon incompetence). Because of practical considerations associated with springing powers of attorney, durable powers of attorney are more common.

An advance medical directive (also known as a “living will”) may also include a health care power of attorney and HIPAA authorization. This document allows you to both instruct those providing your health care of the manner in which you wish to be cared for should your death be imminent or should you become permanently unconscious and appoint an agent to received your medical records and information and make medical decisions on your behalf consistent with any wishes you may have expressed.

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